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Your Authentic You (YAY!) Meditation Series

Being authentic requires practice. And even those of us who practice being authentic on a regular basis get side-tracked. It’s important to be intentional with your connection to Your Authentic You (YAY) every now and then to make sure you’re in alignment with who you are in this moment and where you’re headed in the next.

This isn’t because you’re broken or need fixing, it’s because you’re human. Whether you have a laser focus on authenticity or a natural tendency get distracted (sometimes I get distracted by squirrels), we can all use a little check in every now and then to make sure we’re being the person we truly want to be in life.

This is why I’ve created a short meditation series to help get you back in alignment with Your Authentic You (YAY).


If you’re new to meditation, I highly recommend this short guided series to help you get your feet wet and your mind engaged. Meditation doesn’t have to be long hours of mind clearing. You can accomplish a great deal in just a few minutes every day.


About the meditation series…

The YAY Meditation Series has seven short meditations, none longer than seven minutes. Each meditation focuses on reconnecting you to YAY. I introduce each meditation with a few words to shine a light on your path, then give you three minutes to meditate, and close with a few words to send you off on your way.

After each meditation I recommend you journal and answer a few questions about your meditation experience. The journaling isn’t necessary or required, however, I often have clients tell me that journaling after a mediation helps them capture the experience and connect more fully to their learning. That said, it’s your experience and it’s up to you.

Ready to get in complete alignment with Your Authentic You?

Sign up here to get started with your free seven-day meditation series right now.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A short introduction to the series to help you get started
  • An email each morning linking to your daily meditation
    • Seven guided daily meditations (6-7 minutes each) each day for seven days
    • Seven music-only meditations (same length as guided) included
  • Download links for each meditation—yours to keep, forever
  • Precious minutes every day to get reconnected with yourself from the inside out

Seriously …

Sign up here to get started with your free seven-day meditation series right now. What are you waiting for?


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