Inch by Inch, part April

I don’t know how it went for you, but April moved through my life pretty quickly. Much learning was ingested, both personally and academically, although I didn’t always make time for writing it down. Thus, this recap of learning for the month of April is a bit sparse. And yet, contrary to popular belief, just because it didn’t get written down (or photographed or posted on [social media]) most certainly doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

Here are some April notes-to-self for you to steal/borrow/leave right here, at your choosing:

  • sometimes honoring one relationships means neglecting another and this is ok
  • it’s fine to not care what other people think; just don’t stop caring how other people feel (adapted from a @mmeditations OpenCircle note)
  • sometimes having a conversation with a stranger is more important than [that “important” thing you were just about to do] #becausehonortherelationship
  • don’t assume someone else’s motives, questions , or actions just because you have learned something before (you think) they did
  • make suggestions based on what will help, not trashing what came before
  • you can actively slow your heart rate by slowing your breath
  • it’s okay if you love something someone else thinks is stupid or meaningless; this does not change your self worth

And now let the learning continue, my friends.