Inch by Inch, part March

I mentioned last month that started keeping a list in Evernote with the tag “note to self” wherein I remind myself of things I think will help me be a better me tomorrow than I am today. While I had planned on writing in more detail about some of these things during the month of March, just because I didn’t get there doesn’t mean these things may not be useful to share on their own:

  • notice the subtle difference between doing well and being well, and when they intersect
  • instead of “I’ll do it later,” do it now if it will take you 5 minutes or less; wunderlist it if it will take you longer
  • overreacting to bad news doesn’t make the news any better; be patient with your response to it
  • practicing something for 5 minutes every day really does make a difference (and i can tell when you don’t do this like you said you would)
  • there will always be more to do — you have GOT to take time for yourself (hint: breathe, dammit!)
  • learn from the stories of people who were doing well halfway through [really important thing] and then tanked because they tried to coast
  • “if it’s not on [social media/tracking site] it didn’t happen” is 100% bullshit
  • learning requires “writing” whether that means actual writing or painting or photography or whatever else you consider writing for the purpose of learning
  • it’s ok to skip out for a beer during the week every now and then, especially when your wife’s college team is in the NCAA tournament
  • with respect to honoring the relationship, it’s ok to have an off day or week; let it stop there
  • when you recognize yourself rationalizing poor behavior, be honest with yourself and continue consciously as you see fit
  • when someone treats you poorly, try to see past their actions to attempt to understand their humanness
  • compartmentalizing works well for organization, but not for life; organize well so you can access information easily and use it diversely
  • quit things because you want to quit them, not because other people tell you you should
  • social media is a great way to stay in touch with friends, acquaintances, and loved ones as long as you have boundaries in place
  • sleep is the most important thing you will do today

Challenging yourself to be a better you isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.