Inch by Inch, part February

I’m keeping a list in Evernote with the tag “note to self,” which I add to daily and read through weekly. Sometimes I don’t know what the hell I was talking about when I wrote it (perhaps I need a #notetoself to clarify notes to self). Sometimes they’re specific to a task that I don’t do on the regular, and sometimes they relate to my life at a foundational level.

Here are a few I found useful during the month of February:

  • plan your sleep like you plan your study sessions, and stick to that plan as often as possible
  • fuel your day with food that makes you happy on the inside and out
  • be honest with yourself when you’re avoiding someone or something
  • be honest with yourself about why you’re angry with your animals
  • f*** first impressions and focus on the relationship
  • whenever you say to yourself, “just one more…” drop what you’re doing and ask yourself if your top 6 priorities of the day have been addressed yet
  • remember that sleep clears out toxins in the brain so you can think clearer while you’re awake
  • be open to creativity, but only if you’re willing to commit to it
  • you can’t say yes to everything; you’ll turn into an angry beast who resents the things and people you’re saying yes to
  • slow the f*** down; everything will be just fine no matter what happens
  • you can’t say no to everything, you’ll turn into an isolated hermit who doesn’t relate to the real world or the people who live in it
  • don’t hold on to clothes, people, or things that no longer fit you
  • read instructions thoroughly unless you want to waste your time by doing something incorrect or incomplete first (part of slow the f*** down)
  • putting something on a list does not make it a priority, even if you name that list “Top Priorities”

Some of these are a lot easier said than done, but as with all things, I’m still a work in progress. We all are. Progress is made as long as we’re moving forward, whether its by leaps and bounds or step by step, inch by inch.

Speaking of step by step and inch by inch … enjoy this, if you have a few minutes for a laugh, courtesy of Lucile Ball (adapted from Abbott and Costello, of course).






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