Self Evidence + Vision

As we’re coming to the close of June, I’m releasing myself from denial. I won’t get all 13 topics posted in the next 36 hours, and I’m okay with that.

Vision is what we see ourselves doing in the future. We sometimes mistake not knowing what we want for our future for having no vision. Imagine looking through a pair of binoculars. Imagine one or both of your eyes aren’t squarely lined up with the reflective lenses that allow you to see out the other side. This is what’s happening when we think we have no vision. We just need a little adjustment to our eyes, our minds, our focus to get in alignment with what we want for our future (even if you think you don’t know what you want).

A year and a half ago I made a video of the things I wanted to accomplish in the next five years. I’ve done some of those things, and not others. Some of those things I haven’t done, I think I can remove from the list because they just doesn’t resonate anymore. I’ve learned that shifting priorities doesn’t make me wishy-washy, it makes me more focused on what’s important right here, right now.

(or click here to watch if you can’t see the embedded video above)

I’ve also realized that it’s important for me to gain inspiration from the things I’ve done and places I’ve already been. I created the video below of just that inspiration around the same time as the video above, and intended to update it as I captured my life being lived on film. It hasn’t worked out that way.

(or click here to watch if you can’t see the embedded video above)

Part of the reason for not working out the way I intended is that I didn’t take a camera everywhere I went. Sometimes I took a camera and didn’t bring it back with me. Sometimes I just enjoyed the experience without capturing it on film via the camera zipped up in the pack on my back. But most of the time, I just didn’t think about taking the time to update that video.

My intention right here, right now, is to make more time for that in my life. Once every 6 months oughta do it.
Intention. Firmly. Set.

It’s not the videos that inspire me, though. It’s the feeling that rushes through my body as I watch the videos and listen to the songs. I listen to the words of the songs and watch the images on the screen and I’m taken to a place that exists only in my mind anymore. Whether it’s where I’ve been and what I’ve done or looking ahead to what I want for my future, these places, these things no longer or do not yet exist.

The bottom line is that none of those images are my reality as I watch them float by on the screen in front of me. It’s up to me to take the inspiration I get from watching my past and future, and listen to songs that spark that need in me to make life happen. As much as having the sometimes elusive “vision” inspires us, life actually requires action.

What action are you taking to make your visions, both past and present, become your reality?

June is Self-Evidence + Authenticity month here at Authentic Realities. This post is a part of my June blog challenge, which I invite you stick around for, read a bit, and even get yourself in the mix if it suits your fancy.






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