Self-Evidence + Compassion

June is Self-Evidence + Authenticity month here at Authentic Realities. This post is a part of my June blog challenge, which I invite you stick around for, read a bit, and even get yourself in the mix if it suits your fancy.

“Compassion is not religious business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival.”

Dalai Lama

How can my life change if I allow compassion to be my sole focus?

Compassion, a photo by Robert Bengston, Self-Evidence art installation, inspires a thoughtful post by Dian Reid of Authentic Realities
Compassion photo by Robert Bengston

If compassion is my sole focus, I can allow in feeling. Hurt. Love. Pain. Real life. It’s been said that to be “successful” in life, one needs a thick skin. Which may be true, but I believe I need to bring my heart along for the ride.

I cannot be about changing people. I can only be about allowing people to be who they are.

Compassion. Compassion. Compassion.

I know what the words means, it means to care about someone as though you’re caring about yourself. It means sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

“compati”- means “suffer with”

What if I dismiss my ego for the day, the week, the month, the year, the rest of my life and allow compassion to run my show?

Let me forget about how this affects others, let me focus on how this affects me. And by doing this, let it have its effect on others.

Compassion for you by way of me. Compassion for the self. For myself. For my self.

When I have compassion for myself, I cease to have negative self-talk. The gremlins in my head speak, but cannot be heard. Or at least, they will not be listened to.

Rather than think about all I could have been or could have done or should have said, I focus on the woman standing here now, and assure her there is a place in the present for her.

In this present moment, there is plenty to be, plenty to do, and plenty to say. I ask her to speak from her core, do from her heart, and be from her soul.

I say to my suffering self, Be still, my child, it’s okay that you hurt. I say to my suffering self, Let the tears flow and wash away the pain. I say to my suffering self, I am here for you now, and you can just be.

For I know that it’s practice with my self that leads me to know compassion with others.

The beauty in life is not in accounting for blame, but in moving forward, without it. Blame feeds the ego; compassion feeds the soul.

As I sit here and type, I think about the things I could have done by now in my life, all the people I should have connected with, all the futures I might have known. And to these things, these people, these futures, I say: Be still, for you are in the past and I must let you go now, and honor my self.

I am awake and aware. I am fearless. I am compassionate.

In a world where compassion leads the way, love is inherent.

In a world where compassion leads my way, there is peace.

I pledge my self to compassion today. I can only speak for today, as it is all I have. I have opened the doorway, and let it fill my veins and seep through my pores and permeate my soul.

In a world where compassion leads my way, anything is possible because everything, everyone is sacred.






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