All We Have Is Love

It’s not often I write poetry here (have I ever?), but I couldn’t help but feel poetic as I addressed the topic of Love as a part of this Self-Evidence Challenge:

Love, by Robert Bengston
Love, by Robert Bengston

i love.
i love.
i love.

i love vanilla ice cream
with crunchy bean specs.
i love the smell of a fresh baked crumby apple pie.
i love the truth in an old woman’s eyes.

i love the crack on a bat
of a home run.
i love the air
when it’s just there.
i love the cactus
that refuses to quit growing,
even without water.

i love furry black and sandy smiles
when i walk in the door.
i love being at home alone with him;
he does not mention
my tone deaf keys.

i love the pooch of my belly
that once was firm,
now mature, a supple grazing ground
for my lover’s lips.
i love her small and many freckles
when they beckon my lips.
i love her hand
that leads mine
exactly where she wants us to go.

i love the scar on my leg,
a reminder that i’m a survivor,
again and again.
i love the scars on my heart,
reminders that i live,
again and again.

i love the sting of a hot bath cleansing my soul.
i love the light in your eyes when you love who you are.
i love the peace in my soul when i accept who i am.

i love,
i love,
i love.

Self-Evidence photo by Robert Bengston

We think of love as something beautiful that ought to be cherished while we have it, or something that will eventually break us if we hold on too tight. But love does not work that way.

What we’re holding onto too tightly is not love, if it will break us.

We always have love. Some might say, “All we need is love,” but I believe, “All we have is love.”

All we have is love. This. I. Know.

What do you know?

June is Self-Evidence + Authenticity month here at Authentic Realities. This post is a part of my June blog challenge, which I invite you stick around for, read a bit, and even get yourself in the mix if it suits your fancy.






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