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It’s the questions that are important, not the answers

The scary thing. A situation we don’t want to be in but we know is inevitable. We procrastinate because we just know it’s going to be awful. No way getting around it. Except … We try to prepare for the moment. Perhaps an exercise in listing every scenario we can think of that might come up. And […]

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Thursday Thought: Judgement

“We tend to judge others by their behavior, and ourselves by our intentions.“ —Unknown Most people lie. Like 60%. On a daily basis. Like every 10 minutes. Heck, 80% of women admit they occasionally tell “harmless half-truths.” But when it comes to judging others about the behaviors they display, we do so without taking into account our […]

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Thursday Thought: Respect

“When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.” —Lao Tzu People tend to respect authenticity in your words, your actions, your being. When you stop worrying about gaining the respect of others, it often happens that respect comes naturally. The trick is to not get caught up […]

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Why Derrick Gordon Coming Out Of The Closet Is Newsworthy

This morning I scrolled through Twitter to find the news my wife had just shared with me, that University of Massachusetts guard Derrick Gordon had come out. Gordon is the first NCAA Division I basketball player to come out of the closet as gay, so it’s big news in my world. As I watched his interview […]

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Out of Alignment

I practice being authentic on a regular basis, and still, I get side-tracked every now and then. Or on a regular basis. That’s life, right? The older I get, the more necessary it becomes for me to reconnect with my authentic self every at regular intervals to make sure I’m in alignment with who I […]

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How 365 Days of Photos Changed My Life (Kind of)

I found fmsphotoaday on Instagram late in 2012 and enjoyed it immensely. That’s where this all started. The frustration of enjoying what someone else was doing, but wanting it to be more of what I wanted it to be. I set out to take the photo-a-day world by storm and launched #ARphotoaday in January 2013. I […]

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