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Starting the year as a Chicagoan

2016 was a year of big change. In April my wife and I picked up and moved from Los Angeles to Chicago (after much discussion about where and when and how to do so). Then as if that huge change weren’t enough for someone who’s lived her whole life in Los Angeles, in November I made the […]

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If You Can’t Be Yourself, Who Can You Be?

Be the you that you want to see in the world. The you that you’re proud of. The you that stands up for herself, even in challenging situations. The you that takes her own values seriously. The you that is awesomely, unequivocally, beautifully you.

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What To Do When Your Partner Demands Your Silence

“So while we’re at [my aunt’s] this weekend, we need to be … just friends.” I’d be willing to bet that some form of this announcement has been said to many a lesbian in the early years of her dating history. I went along with some version of it (a few times) in my own […]

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Why Telling Your Story is More Important Now That You’re Out of the Closet

I’ve been telling my story all across Long Beach recently. Or, rather, all across the Cal State Long Beach campus. I speak once or twice a week on panels as a part of the Long Beach PFLAG Speakers Bureau when school is in session. The panels typically consist of 3-5 panelists, and each panelist takes 5-7 minutes […]

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Dear Dad

“Forget the past.“ ~ Nelson Mandela When my mother died it consumed me; I was sixteen. I was thirty when my father died; life simply went on. To compare the two events and their impact on me is unfair, although I do it all the time. It took me more than a decade to truly […]

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Finding Your Authentic Voice

I was asked to write a guest blog by Erin Madore over at Creative Soul in Motion and my reaction was, Hell Yeah! Of course! I mean, my entire livelihood is centered around helping people find their authentic voice(s), so I thought, “Yeah! It’s gonna be a snap to pull this post together!” Then I started […]

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