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2017 – a new chapter in the book of authentic realities

The New Chapter: Simplicity and Growth in 2017 2017, a new year in a new city. Now that I’ve pulled the shrink wrap off the year and am starting to get the pieces out and play around with 2017 a bit, I want to share some things that are working for me right now. While I’ve gone back […]

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Thrivin’ Tuesdays: Perspective Hands In The Sand

This morning I tried a little experiment. Actually, it came about last Tuesday, and I pondered it all week, and brought my camera this morning to capture what’s been in my mind.

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End of the Year Rubbish

It’s December 9th. Have you started thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions? Does the thought of making a list make you cringe in memory of last year’s list that hardly got touched? Are you ready for a change this year (no, really, this year’s gonna be different, I swear!!)? If you are, get ready to […]

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Honor Your Effort

In yoga it’s taught to honor the effort you bring to your practice. It’s important to focus on what you’re doing, rather than what you’re not able to do. And it’s important to stretch yourself to see what you can do if you try just a little harder. The same is true of life, of spirit, of coaching, of you.

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This week I’ve been focusing on some forgiveness, and thought I’d share a post I wrote a while back: I found some notes from conversation I had with a friend a while back: forgiveness baggage anger toxic In short, forgiveness becomes a tool with which we expunge our baggage of toxic anger.

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Be-ing and Micro Movements

I read an interview in a recent issue of Evolve Magazine of bestselling author and artist SARK, and a couple of points caught my attention. She tells of a Magic Cottage that had already been rented according to the landlord by the time she called on it, but when she showed up the next morning […]

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