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The Present Moment Is All We Ever Have

  The past is gone. The future isn’t here yet. Let us be reminded …   How are you choosing to use this moment?

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December Photo-A-Day Challenge

November was all about gratitude, and I’d like to carry that sentiment straight through to the end of the year. While December’s #arphotoaday challenge has actual prompts, they were thought of with a filter of gratitude. The prompts are your to do with as you choose, of course, so without further ado:

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January Gratitude List: Part 3

The air was a crisp 60-ish degrees and the sun glistened on the ocean’s surface, creating a low yellow fire road directly back to it. We lay a bright red and blue beach towel across the grass on the bluff and sit in silence as life goes on around us. A man throws a ball […]

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January Gratitude List: Part 2

I lay before me a pound of gratitude so that I might find the ounce worth measuring.

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The Kick Inside (or January Gratitude List)

In 2009 I was challenged to create gratitude lists each day leading up to Thanksgiving Day, starting November 11th. Each morning I sat and contemplated what I was grateful for, and voila, the lists were born. I ended up creating 14 lists, each of them 39 strong. Livin’ with my eyes closed, goin’ day to […]

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What Can “G” Do For You?

I went back through my 14 lists of gratitude and found that I had some favorites.

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