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Big Story, Short Time Span … With clarity, thoughtfulness, and candidness, Dian tells the important story of what happened in this time span of seven days with her father, weaving in ribbons of stories from times preceding the seven days as needed to move the story along. It’s a story we daughters wish we never had to tell, and Dian tells it thoroughly and yet succinctly. Reading her story it’s easy to see the love shared, the loss endured, and the sometimes surprising ways our lives touch each other, even the lives we think we know so well.”

~ Jeanne H. Chambers, via Amazon

A positive and uplifting story … yes, this is a book about death, but it is so much more than that. It is about moving out of our circle of comfort, dealing with difficult subjects and circumstances, and learning about being honest with ourselves and others. It’s about getting through the “tough stuff,” despite what we comprehend as our weaknesses, and becoming more centered, resilient, and complete. It’s about finding out we are stronger than we think we are. It’s about being happy about who we are.

The story is constructed beautifully, and Dian writes with a raw honesty that lets us experience both her pain and the emotional growth that came out of it.

Dian’s story is a true-life example of one of my favorite philosophies: It’s not what life hands us that makes us who we are, it’s what we do with what life hands us.”

~ Jan Howarth (Editor, Seven Days), via Amazon

An inspirational read … Having experienced both a need to open up communication with an infirm parent and being there for a loved one with terminal cancer, I was very drawn to Dian’s story. Like real life, parts of her story are difficult to take in, and other parts are very touching in their honesty and vulnerability. Her writing style is very effective in bringing the reader into her story. It was comforting for me to read of Dian’s thoughts and emotions as she walked through the seven days with her father. Words and phrases from the book have stayed with me as I care for a loved one with a terminal illness.”

~ Brenda Gilmore, via Amazon

Anyone who has parents should read this book … Having lost both parents at an early age, I needed help dealing with their illnesses and eventual loss. Dian […] put into words what I could never express. I will read this book again!!”

~ Diane Rose, via Amazon

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