Authenticity 2014

In 2010 I created a program to give free coaching to the LGBTQ community. No strings, no obligations, just free coaching. It came from a conference called Liberation 2010, whose purpose was to explore Liberation from homophobia, sometimes even self-imposed by our own community. Unfortunately, that conference never happened and the organization folded. Even more unfortunate is the fact that millions of people in the LGBT community are still

With all the talk about teen suicides and coming out and same sex marriage and equality recently, I’ve decided to put my offer of free coaching back on the table for the LGBTQ community and call it Authenticity 2014. Are you ready?

Authenticity 2014:

Free coaching for two months to any new client in the LGBTQ community from Monday, March 2 through Monday, June 30, 2014. No strings. No obligation to sign up for more coaching. Just free coaching. The same coaching you’d get if you paid for it. Eight 30-minute sessions. That’s it.

Why 2 months:

I want you to get something out of it. After one month we’ve only scratched the surface. Barely. Maybe we’ve only recognized that there’s a surface laying somewhere around. The first four sessions are about acknowledging the clutter, scratching the surface, moving some things around to see what’s there. About digging deeper to find the real surface beneath those vinyl tiles that are beginning to crack up all over the place. The second set of four sessions is about digging in. About heaving that vinyl into the fire-pit and beginning to take care of the precious surface that’s been waiting for you to recognize it all along. That precious surface is your authentic you.

How the Program works:

You contact me to set-up an initial 20-30 minute consultation. You let me know what your primary focus is, and I let you know how I work as your coach. If we jive with one another, we’ll set up our session dates and times. I’ll send you some discovery docs, which you’ll take on before our first session. Then we get to the exploring part. Coaching with me is about your agenda, not mine. No need for me to tell you what to explore. You decide. You’ll have one primary focus, and we’ll get right to it.

I have 2 openings per month from March through June, which means there are only 6 spots open—don’t put it off and miss out on this fantastic opportunity to explore your authenticity and be the you you’ve always known was in there.

Questions? Call or shoot me a quick email. No obligation, just a chat—I have nothing to sell you, I promise.

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