Dian Reid is a Certified Professional Co-active® Coach (CPCC)Hi, I’m Dian Reid, and I coach women around owning their authentic voice and using it to create transformational shifts in both life and business.

I’m currently working with three types of women, which I’ve outlined below. If you’re one of these women, I clickety-click the coaching program that’s right for you.

Each of the coaching programs I’ve created is designed to work specifically with women, specifically around discovering, honoring, and using your authentic voice. Where you choose to apply that voice is all up to you.

Authenticity Coaching Programs

The Authenticity Coaching programs are for you if you’re a woman who is looking to take your life to the next level. These programs focus on creating awareness, engaging in mindfulness, and taking inspired action that will have you stand in your authenticity and create radical change you might have only dreamt was possible. Find out more here.

LGBT Coaching Programs

The LGBT Coaching programs are for you if you are a woman who is struggling with any aspect of coming out of the closet. Whether you’re ready to bust down the door or just take a peek outside, there’s a course that’s right for you. The focus is on the coming out process as a whole, and I will never push you further than what you’re ready for. Find out more here.

CPCC Coaching Programs

The CPCC Coaching programs are for you if you are A) a coach who has recently completed the core curriculum of CTI’s coach training course and are ready to enroll in their coach certification program (CPCC); or B) a coach who has recently completed CTI’s CPCC program and are ready to build your business into a successful coaching practice. Find out more here.

You have the power to own your authenticity.

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