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The Place I’m Meant To Go

As a part of a writing camp last week I wrote a little something related to my writing. And now that I’ve put it into spoken word, I believe it speaks to the essence of my being. And maybe even to yours. I took my voice and put it into the voice of my inner […]

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750 Words to Being Yourself

Thanks to the nudge by the lovely Julie Jordan Scott, I’ve been using to get me going when I’m stuck with my writing lately. It’s been a godsend. What I’ve found most interesting is not how many words I’ve written in three trips to the site (2,458) nor my average WPM (62) nor how […]

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The Things I Used To Long For

I wrote an essay in 2002 for an English class at Pierce College. It was the complete opposite of what I was “supposed” to do for the assignment. The assignment was to put an image to what we felt in regard to any piece we’d read over the course of the semester, I believe. Being […]

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Getting Started

Getting started is always the hardest part. I’ve said that the best cure for writer’s block is writing. And so here I am. I decided to get started with the blog after asking all of you to get started in getting to know me. So here we go… First I didn’t know what to blog […]

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