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It’s been nearly a week since the devastating attack on our LGBTQ community brothers and sisters in Orlando. 49 innocent people killed by a man who chose hate over love. I’ve scrolled endlessly through my Twitter and Facebook feeds, and online in general, looking for more details and more information and more confirmation that this […]

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Why Derrick Gordon Coming Out Of The Closet Is Newsworthy

This morning I scrolled through Twitter to find the news my wife had just shared with me, that University of Massachusetts guard Derrick Gordon had come out. Gordon is the first NCAA Division I basketball player to come out of the closet as gay, so it’s big news in my world. As I watched his interview […]

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What To Do When Your Partner Demands Your Silence

“So while we’re at [my aunt’s] this weekend, we need to be … just friends.” I’d be willing to bet that some form of this announcement has been said to many a lesbian in the early years of her dating history. I went along with some version of it (a few times) in my own […]

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Domestic Partnership Is Not Marriage, Marriage Is Marriage

Last week I did something I’ve never done before and hope to never do again. I got married.

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Why Telling Your Story is More Important Now That You’re Out of the Closet

I’ve been telling my story all across Long Beach recently. Or, rather, all across the Cal State Long Beach campus. I speak once or twice a week on panels as a part of the Long Beach PFLAG Speakers Bureau when school is in session. The panels typically consist of 3-5 panelists, and each panelist takes 5-7 minutes […]

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Why Coming Out Matters

  Today is National Coming Out Day, and while I’ve been publicly out of the closet for over a decade, I still believe it’s important to both recognize and honor this momentous day. Not for me, but for all those who came out before me and will come out after me. Coming out gives people […]

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