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How to Use Your Powers For Good

A thought struck me as I scrolled through a seemingly endless sales page for someone’s services: Do long, boring, unimaginative sales pages really work for people?! My Sarcasm Gremlin began crafting a snarky tweet about it for all the world to see. But as words went from brain to keyboard to Twitter, I felt icky. […]

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How To Be Healthy + Mindful In 3 Simple Steps (And Apps)

You’ve been absent minded lately. Maybe a little angry at your BFF/significant other/boss/clients this week. Oh, and you haven’t worked out in over a month. You could use a little kick-start to get you back on track, and stat. Here are 3 simple steps to keep you healthy + mindful:   Keep a Gratitude Journal […]

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How To Do The Scary Thing In 10 Simple Steps

The steps are simple, the action is not. If it is, then you’re not doing the Scary Thing. The Scary Thing makes you squirm and try to slither away from it. The Scary Thing is begging you—the real you—to come outside and play, to take…

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Tips on Dealing With Fear

“The key to change… is to let go of fear. ~ Roseanne Cash I couldn’t disagree more. There is so much focus on all we ought to let go of—fear, judgment (I even coach my own clients on that one), the past—and really what promotes change is focusing on what’s right here, right now. And […]

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Seven Simple Tips to Mindfulness

I spoke yesterday with a new friend, and towards the end of our conversation we chatted about writing styles. She’s a fly by the seat of her pants writing binger. When the muse comes, hold on tight and let ‘er rip. We talked about how one can’t force the writing, it just has to come. Except of course, for the people that works for. And this got me thinking about Mindfulness.

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OOPS. And How To Fix It.

A few days ago I wrote a post on the opposite of SMART goals, TRAMS goals. And then I got to thinking about some things I might have left out of that post. Like being flexible. And starting slow. And OOPS. Let’s start with OOPS, shall we?

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