My experience with Dian’s coaching exceeded my expectations and brought success in my personal life. Her sessions were very organized and action oriented. I enjoyed the “homework” as it forced me to jump out of my comfort zone in social interactions that were previously uncomfortable for me. At the time, I was feeling particular frustration with the lack of being in a relationship. Her sessions guided me to see that I have options and control of much more than I previously thought. Her guidance is not exclusive to the gay population, as my frustration was the lack of a heterosexual relationship.

Fast forward a bit and I found myself speaking up and being vulnerable, and with a dose of confidence in romantic situations. What I noticed next is this confidence was not exclusive to romantic interactions. I have changed careers, taken up old hobbies again that I love, and volunteer for causes that are important to me. The confidence to make positive change, I see now, has spread across many areas of my life. Overall, I am a MUCH HAPPIER person and truly believe Dian’s coaching was the catalyst.

~ Amy
New York, NY

Coaching with Dian is the best gift I’ve ever given myself. From our first session, Dian provided the safe space I needed to freely explore exactly what I wanted in my life and from my life. Through her skill of asking the deeper questions – gently, yet tenaciously – Dian helped me discover new paths to achieve my full potential – her one and only goal being my authentic living. From coaching with her, I’ve gained: the career path I’ve longed for, greater physical health, and a love for my life that I didn’t know was possible. Again, best Self-gift, ever!

~ Kelly Gill
Life Coach | LGBT Public Speaker — Missouri

Dian is a great coming out coach, and who needs a coming out coach more than a woman going through a divorce from a 32 year marriage. You do not have to be gay to benefit from Dian’s coaching. Many people are looking for guidance when coming out or starting a New Beginning in their life. I look forward to my sessions with Dian and listen to our recorded calls over and over as a way to continue my growing success in life and business.

~ Nancy Mueller-Smith
Women’s Life, Business & Success Coach | Published Author | Motivational Speaker — Los Angeles, CA

I am a different person for having been fortunate enough to cross Dian’s path! Her coaching comes from a very authentic and intuitive place. When she is in action, she has a natural ability to get her clients to deepen their learning and to forward their action. Dian’s own life experience, combined with her training at The Coaches Training Institute, has made her a “Lighthouse” and an illuminated soul! As a veteran Life Coach, CPPC, I am proud to send her clients. I am very excited to work on projects with her in 2010, and happy for anyone who gets the pleasure to coach with her!

~ Kristi Pallino, CPPC
Los Angeles, CA

Dian has been a true professional while still having a personal touch. She has challenged me in many ways. I can always count on her to follow through with any tasks she gives me. I will continue to work with Dian as I feel she has been a key part in my personal growth. She is the Best!

~ Lisa
Salt Lake City, UT

I have a series of small goals leading up to larger and largest goals to get me where I wanted to be. I’m working the goals and not talking myself out of it. … Dian is open and a great listener. She [is] honest caring and can see through the bull to ask the right questions.

~ Neil
Los Angeles, CA

I got so much out of my eight sessions [with Dian] that I really can’t believe it. I was actually very surprised by how much we were able to accomplish in eight sessions. It felt like plenty of time to make very substantial changes. I never would have thought that I would have so much more of a sense of direction in my life after only two months of working with a coach.

I knew I wanted to figure out some way to become self-employed and eventually quit my job, but I was feeling completely stuck on how to do that. … Not only do I have much more direction than I did before, but I’m really excited about all the things I’m doing and the possibilities in store. … I feel like I’m proactively working toward [my goals], and I feel much less lost and distressed than I did before.

~ Kylie Bellard
Empowerment CoachPhotographer — New York, NY

I worked with David in my Liberation 2010 Program in 2010, which was an 8-week program focused on liberation for the LGBT community. Here’s what David had to say about working with me in that program:

I received support and acceptance, … wisdom and understanding, … kindness and caring. Dian was a great listener [and] always respected and honored my individual needs and desires. Dian cultivated a safe and trusting space [and] I received great feedback [and] many insights.

Dian took the time to really get to know how to work with me in ways that would most benefit me. She is very open and honest. She is bright and aware. … She knows how to guide each coaching session with both intelligence and grace.

I would recommend this program to an LGBTQ friend because Dian really takes the time to get to know how best she can help her client achieve their goal. She then very thoughtfully, and with wonderful awareness, goes through the process with her client step by step with great care and patience.

~ David
Miami, FL

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