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Dian Reid, CPCC

If you want the boring, “professional” other version, I don’t do that.

Dian Reid, RLH (real, live human)

I’ve been told these bio’s should be written in the third person. I don’t talk about myself in the third person in real life, so I won’t do it here. I’m sure you understand. I will, however, throw a few links in that’ll take you to posts that expand on what’s here. Don’t worry, you won’t have to clickety-click for it to all make sense. I’m all about giving you options. Here you go:

I love hanging and working with people who are willing to learn, respect themselves, and know how to have a good belly laugh. I got this way growing up with my mom, and as a result of her death when I was 16. She was always willing to learn, and man, she knew how to have a good belly laugh. That’s what I got while she was alive. After she died, I realized the importance of respecting myself (and being around others who do the same). My mom’s death shaped me in ways I’m still uncovering today.

I crawled out of the closet when I was 23ish, which went on for a few years, until I’d dug deep enough to get past my fears and just be me. I go to local Pride festivals when they come to town, and I support my people whenever I can (although I won’t do it blindly, I’ve still gotta like you and believe in what you’re about). I love seeing awesome people in the LGBT Community thrive, and it’s my goal to make that happen; I believe we have a slue of creative genius in all of us, and one of my passions is drawing that out.

I worked in Corporate America for 13+ years until I’d advanced myself into a position that paid me the money I deserved, but didn’t fulfill my soul. Only, I didn’t realize it until my father died in January of 2006. By December 2006 I’d weened myself off of the Corporate Paycheck and freed my days to write a book about the impact of my parents’ deaths on me, the process of grief and how we don’t talk about uncomfortable things (death, dying, being gay) until we feel like it’s killing us inside. (That book is now available on Amazon, weeeee!)

I got into life coaching because I wanted to impact my amazing community of strong women who have lived through difficult things. I’ve survived verbal and sexual abuse in my childhood, and I want women everywhere to see that they can not just survive, but thrive by leaving the past behind and moving forward with your strength. I survived my mother’s domestic-violence-related death and my father’s cancer-related death, and I want women who’ve experienced similar loss to thrive in all they’ve learned in having survived. I survived coming out as a lesbian to my family, friends and coworkers, and I want women who wonder if they can do the same to believe in who they are and move forward in a deep trust of self and personal values. I want you who’s reading this to know that you can (and will) survive all you’re going through and create exactly the life you want for yourself.

How’d I get through all that? Years of therapy. Seriously. I still fall back on what I learned about myself and my past in therapy, and then I use what I know about coaching (and some of the wisdom of my own life coach) to get my ass moving forward when I get stuck. I’m all for another set of eyes and ears on doing my soul-work, and a hand to hold every now and then as I’m walking my talk.

I also write to get through the rest of it. I wrote the book I mentioned above, Seven Days, about the last seven days of my dad’s life and the learning that came from the difficult conversations that had to happen because there just wasn’t time to put them off any longer. And of course, I write this blog.

I grew up in The Valley in Southern California, and currently live in beautiful, Chicago with my wife, “The Wildcat,” a rescued Doberman/Boxer/Basenji mutt, Jackson, and two rescued cats, Sly and Killer.

But enough about me, what’s new with you? (Find me on Facebook or Twitter & let’s chat it up.)

Okay, One More Little Thing

Click me, click me, click me (but only if you want to read the interview)(But only because you asked for it) Karen Caterson of Square Peg Reflections did a Square-Peg-People Interview with me recently, and here’s what came of that interview, if you’re interested in a little bit more about who I am:

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