Free Coaching Through April

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I don’t know about you, but the reality of our current space is sinking in. It’s getting harder to make sense of the day to day, let alone the impact it’s all having on us—our individual selves and families and humanity as a whole.

So here’s an offer for you if you’re feeling like you need or want someone to talk to: give me a call. Or let’s video chat. I’m offering three (3) free 30-minute coaching blocks during the week for the rest of March and in April (2020) for anyone who asks. I’ll start with weekdays but am open to weekends if your availability calls for it.

I’m here to listen and talk through what’s going on in your world. No judgment. No advice. Just space, with no strings attached. You can email me here: authenticrealities [at] me [dot] com if you have questions about availability or timing. Or go straight to booking a time here: Please feel free (but certainly not obligated) to share.

Be well, friends. I’m here for you.

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