Thursday Thought: Reality

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Last week a client brought this 2005 Kenyon College commencement speech by David Foster Wallace into my awareness:

Can’t view the YouTube video above? Watch it here:

I’ve been thinking about the content of this video all week. Considering realities that are not the default reality I’m habitually inclined to run to and believe at first experience.

Creating awareness around when I snap to judgement based on my habitual reality before considering any other possible reality.

Being mindful about accepting that one or more of those realities is truly possible, even if not probable.

And then being inspired by those potential realities to adjust my actions in a way that makes me feel good about who I am and how I’m behaving.

That last part, I’m still working on. I’m striving for practice making me better, not perfect–and even that is a work in progress.

What reality are you accepting today?

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