Thursday Thought: Joy (Friday Edition)

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In my mind I feel like I don’t experience joy terribly often. Minds can be tricky like that.

It’s not every day we graduate or get new jobs or embark on new adventures or laugh a belly laugh so hard the people passing by you can’t help but laugh, too. My mind tries to trick me into believing that joy is only experienced in big moments that everyone can see.

But the reality is that I can find tiny moments of joy in just about every day. A lot of them.

There’s Sly pawing on the window where four pigeons are perched without a care on the other side of the glass. Sometimes joy is the wonder of nature and getting a tickle out of a misunderstanding of how things work outside of one’s natural habitat.

There’s catching a glimpse of Jackson’s paws moving while he sleeps, as he dreams about chasing a bunny or a squirrel around the neighborhood. Sometimes joy is watching those you love, simply enjoying their presence, even if it’s only in sleep mode.

There are the texts and IMs and FaceTimes with my wife when she’s traveling for work that often include tiny bursts of laughter because we know that sometimes humor is the only way to get through a rough day when a hug and a kiss just isn’t possible.

So while there may not be the huge rocks of Joy on a daily basis, it’s important for me to remember that these tiny grains of Joy are the sandy beaches connecting those rocks, no matter how much space or time is in between.

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