Thursday Thought: I Am A __________

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Your shoes don’t make you a runner, running does. 

Lately I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting motivated to run.

  • It’s hot
  • It’s raining
  • I didn’t sleep well last night
  • It’s so comfortable in bed
  • All the sports are on
  • Eleventy billion Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime shows to watch
  • It feels hard right now and I want easy
  • I’m playing a game on my phone
  • I feel lazy
  • My calves still hurt from running a few (seven) days ago
  • I’m hungry
  • I’m down an interweb rabbit hole
  • I don’t have enough time right now
  • I drank too much yesterday

In the past I’ve usually found a way to get past each and every one of those road blocks by remembering that I’ll feel better if I just get up and get the run done, even if it’s shorter and/or slower than originally planned. But lately I’ve been allowing myself to treat each of these as the final thought.

Sometimes thinking about how good I’ll feel afterward does the trick and I get moving. Sometimes it takes my wife suggesting that it’s okay to go for just two miles instead of six. Sometimes it’s just putting the shoes on and walking out the door to see if a run will actually happen.

Today I don’t have a great deal of wisdom to share as to why it happened, only that I did get up and go for a run.

As I cooled down while walking back to the house I thought about a poll I answered a few weeks ago on twitter about how many pairs of running shoes I go through in a year. The answer: 1-2 pairs.

And then the thought came to me: your shoes don’t make you a runner, Dian. Getting out there for a run does.

It’s the same with everything in life, really. You don’t need 20 pair of running shoes to be a runner. You just need to get out there and run. You don’t need 20 books or blogs under your belt to be a writer, you just need to write. You don’t need ______ to be a _______. You just need to ______.

How’s that for wisdom?


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