Thursday Thought: Meaningful Change

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What’s it going to take to create meaningful change in your life?

It’s the end of August and you’ve done no fewer than 8 resets on your goals for 2016. Every few weeks you realize you’ve fallen off track. Again.

Every few weeks you promise yourself you will make a bigger adjustment, a smaller adjustment, you don’t need to make that change, anyway.

Every few weeks you sink deeper into the idea that things just aren’t meant to change, but maybe if you could just … [insert magic fix] … everything would finally be the way you want it to be.


The only way to create meaning change in your life is to start doing the little things that turn into big things. Stop focusing wholly on the end result and focus only on what you need to do today to get there.

I believe that just about every big thing has a small beginning.

the Mississippi’s mighty but it starts in Minnesota
at a place where you could walk across with five steps down
The Indigo Girls, Ghost

What would meaningful change in your life look like if you started with five steps (or one step) and grew them into your own Mississippi River?

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