Thursday Thought: Kindness

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Be kind.
—Thought leaders everywhere

I’ve seen so much hate and fear and vitriol throughout this election cycle. These lashings out stem from the deep pain we feel on the inside and wanting to appear strong and fierce and steadfast on the outside.

Sometimes the pain we feel over our own situation or how we fear the situation will change in the future clouds our vision of reality.

If we can take a deep breath (or ten) and come from a place of kindness rather than fear, we can make better decisions for ourselves, our children, our elderly.

No one else on this planet is in any true position to tell you what your opinion is, nor take it away from you. And still, there’s room for listening.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to
entertain a thought without accepting it


Listening doesn’t require taking on the ideas being heard, only that you’re not already formulating your response to the first five words you’re hearing.

And kindness doesn’t mean giving in. I believe there’s kindness in doing the right thing gently. You’re still doing the right thing (for you), and doing so without the fear, the hate, the vitriol.

No matter what happens between now and November, nor ever after, we will still be here with each other.

We must find a way forward, and that way must be kindness.

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