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July 2016

Thursday Thought: Kindness

“Be kind.“ —Thought leaders everywhere I’ve seen so much hate and fear and vitriol throughout this election cycle. These lashings out stem from the deep pain we feel on the inside and wanting to appear strong and fierce and steadfast on the outside. Sometimes the pain we feel over our own situation or how we […]

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Thursday Thought: Do what you can

“Start where you are. Use what you can. Do what you can.” —Arthur Ashe   In an effort to broaden my own horizons and also minimize some of the communication gap between myself and some members of my community, I’m learning a new language. Two of them, actually. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried […]

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Thursday Thought: Fear

“America the brave still fears what we don’t know“ —Macklemore Fear is sometimes a great motivator for staying put. For being cautious and not moving forward. For waiting out the unknown in the hopes it will soon become known. Under these circumstances, fear is keeping us small. Keeping us from moving forward. Keeping us inside […]

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Thursday Thought: Small Things

“Do small things with great love.” —Mother Teresa We can get so caught up in wanting to do big things. Big things are great. And it’s often the small things we do on a daily basis that bring us the big things. If we can do just a few small things with a little bit of […]

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