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February 2014

3 Habits To Cultivate A Life Of Abundance

The grind of life takes our inspiration and tosses it into the wind. Sometimes that inspiration comes back to us, but most of the time it gets stuck in traffic on the 405 freeway and opts to skip the gym, pick up dinner from In-N-Out, and curl up on the couch with your dog and a bag of Cheetos to watch a movie you’ve both seen a hundred times.

Or maybe that’s just me.

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People Pleasing Pompousness – Stop That!

There’s something very addictive about people pleasing. It’s a thought pattern and a habit that feels really, really good until it becomes desperate. ~ Anne Hathaway

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Come What May, When It May

I have a post, an idea, a workshop that just aren’t coming together the way I’d like them to. The words are all wrong. The ideas are all aloof. The message is all discombobulated. And yet, everything is as it should be. This is a reminder to slow down and give time and space to whatever […]

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Goals, Expectations, and Super You

We think we’re Superwoman and take on all this stuff we think we can do. Then we think we’re crap for not getting it done, “Oh, I’m not as great as Super-So-and-So who gets all her shit done, waaaah!” Well guess what? Super-So-and-So probably doesn’t get all her shit done, either. And if she does, it’s […]

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Trust Yourself. It’s The Only Way To Trust Anyone Else.

I go to the local tire shop to replace the tires on one of our vehicles. As I walk into the shop, a man, we’ll call him Don, is inquiring about jumper cables the tire shop does not sell. I offer to help locate a store that sells jumper cables nearby, but there are none […]

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The Present Moment Is All We Ever Have

  The past is gone. The future isn’t here yet. Let us be reminded …   How are you choosing to use this moment?

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