Don’t Force Your Happiness, Choose It

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Conscious choice. It’s this commodity we all have and somehow miss it when we check our purses, our pockets, our cars, our friends, our interwebs, our smart phones for something to make us happy.

The way I see it, there are only two ways to go about being happy:

  1. Find out what makes you happy and then go do it. A lot.
  2. Go out in the world and choose happiness in as many moments as possible.

Both require action on your part, and begin with a conscious choice of being happy.

If you can’t find a way to be happy in your mind, your thoughts, you won’t be happy in real life. You’re not going to find it on some list of happy things you found on the internet; that’s distraction. You’re not going to find it in someone’s online course (at least, not unless you make up your mind to).

You’re not going to find happiness unless you’re willing to make it happen yourself.

You’re going to find happiness by consciously, consistently choosing happiness over everything else.

Happiness is consciously, consistently choosing happiness

Now get out there and choose a little happy for yourself today, will ya?



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SquarePegKaren January.22.2014 at 7.11 am

Yes! YES!! and YESSSSSSSSS! Love this; thank you, Dian <3

Dian Reid, CPCC January.22.2014 at 10.39 am

You’re welcome, Karen 🙂

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