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January 2014

What To Do When Your Partner Demands Your Silence

“So while we’re at [my aunt’s] this weekend, we need to be … just friends.” I’d be willing to bet that some form of this announcement has been said to many a lesbian in the early years of her dating history. I went along with some version of it (a few times) in my own […]

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Out of Alignment

I practice being authentic on a regular basis, and still, I get side-tracked every now and then. Or on a regular basis. That’s life, right? The older I get, the more necessary it becomes for me to reconnect with my authentic self every at regular intervals to make sure I’m in alignment with who I […]

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Don’t Force Your Happiness, Choose It

Conscious choice. It’s this commodity we all have and somehow miss it when we check our purses, our pockets, our cars, our friends, our interwebs, our smart phones for something to make us happy. The way I see it, there are only two ways to go about being happy: Find out what makes you happy […]

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Let Your Story Be Your Gift, Not Your Baggage

Stories are our gifts, depending on how we relate to them and use them to relate to life. I used to look at the stories of my past with shame, as if I’d done something to deserve the obstacles put in my path (some I had, but most I hadn’t), which made my stories feel […]

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A Little Vision For Your Journey – A How-to on Resolutions

If it’s possible to loathe and love something at the same time, that’s how I feel about resolutions. Actually, I love the idea of resolutions, and loathe everything else about them, come to think of it. Resolutions are about resolving to create change, which is a fabulous idea. But we tend to get caught up in […]

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How 365 Days of Photos Changed My Life (Kind of)

I found fmsphotoaday on Instagram late in 2012 and enjoyed it immensely. That’s where this all started. The frustration of enjoying what someone else was doing, but wanting it to be more of what I wanted it to be. I set out to take the photo-a-day world by storm and launched #ARphotoaday in January 2013. I […]

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