Run Toward The You of Tomorrow

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Run toward the YOU of tomorrowI was on a run and felt my lungs begging me to slow down. As I began to slow, a thought flashed: I used to run harder, faster, further than this without feeling like my lungs were going to explode—keep pushing, Dian! Oh, the tricks the mind can play on us.

My mind was living in yesteryear while by body was present with me on my run. My mind was trying to trick me into pushing harder—but for what? I wasn’t running a race. I wasn’t even training for one. The goal of the run was simply to reintroduce my body to running further than a block at a time. The present moment goal wasn’t ‘harder, faster, further,’ but ah—old habits die hard.

How often do you hold yourself to your own standards of yesteryear? 

How ironic that as we get older the only thing about our memory that gets better is about how much better at [everything] we used to be. You just have to remind your memory that you’re not living in the past, that you’re choosing to be present in this moment. And in this moment, you need … [this is the part where you remind yourself of exactly what you need in this very moment].

Remind yourself that who you are today matters, not the you of yesteryear.

Forget about who you were last year, last month or even last week, and be the YOU of today.

Forget about peeling off the layers of yesteryear; they’ll fade away as you embrace your present self.

Your present self is the mold of who you’re becoming tomorrow. So if you’re going to teach your memory anything about you, teach it about the YOU you’re molding yourself into tomorrow.

You always have a say in shaping that mold.

As for my running self of yesteryear, she’s sitting at the finish line of her race, cheering on the me of today. And maybe even tomorrow.

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