Courageous Is As Courageous Does

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I recently assisted one of CTI’s coach training courses (Balance), and experienced a ton of growth. Professional, yes, but mostly personal.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”
~ Wayne Dyer

If you’re in a rut and need a little kick in the pants to shift your perspective, here are my “notes to self” and core takeaways from the weekend:

Stop playing so fucking small.

It’s not serving you and it’s certainly not serving the people you are meant to help.
Perspective shift: Show up every day from the biggest place in your heart, and just see what happens. 

Stop hiding.

You spend more energy hiding than it would take to just get out there and be who you are.
Perspective shift: Show up every day from the inside out … BE who you are on the outside as much as you are on the inside.

Get off your ass and be courageous.

Stop getting so caught up in the details of life that you’re not living your life purpose.
Perspective shift: Show up every day with courage to succeed and build on it. Do the scary thing. It’s about damn time.

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