Why Coming Out Matters

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 National Coming Out Day - October 11, 2013

Today is National Coming Out Day, and while I’ve been publicly out of the closet for over a decade, I still believe it’s important to both recognize and honor this momentous day. Not for me, but for all those who came out before me and will come out after me.

Coming out gives people a chance to see who we really are. From the inside out. Coming out gives us a chance to stop hiding and start living. Coming out gives us a chance to open the lines of communication and be seen, be heard, be held, and maybe even understood.

When I came out of the closet to my father in my mid-twenties, he didn’t immediately embrace my sexuality. He didn’t completely push it away, either, but we rarely talked about me being a lesbian because it was an uncomfortable topic—for both of us.

Even without much conversation around my sexuality, my father’s view on homosexuality began to shift. By the time he passed away in 2006, he had come to see that me being gay didn’t change the core of who I was. Being gay didn’t change my values system. My father was able to see that me being gay didn’t change the fact that I was his daughter and he was my father.

I owe a great deal of thanks and gratitude to every single person who came out of the closet before me. With their example, I was able to come out to my friends and family, and finally begin to stand in my own authenticity. I learned how to fully experience life with the whole of my being, and without fear of who I really am.

Each time you share your coming out story, you’re leading by example and inspiring those hiding in the closet to come out and fully embrace who they are. We all deserve to stand in our authenticity and be seen—and loved—for who we really are.

If you’re struggling with coming out of the closet here are a list of resources to help and support you. You matter. 
If you’re ready to stand in your authenticity and come out of the closet, contact me to set up a free strategy session today. Now is the time to stop hiding and start living.

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