How To Be Healthy + Mindful In 3 Simple Steps (And Apps)

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How To Be Healthy + Mindful In 3 Simple Steps (And Apps)

You’ve been absent minded lately. Maybe a little angry at your BFF/significant other/boss/clients this week. Oh, and you haven’t worked out in over a month. You could use a little kick-start to get you back on track, and stat.

Here are 3 simple steps to keep you healthy + mindful:


  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal
    Studies show that gratitude increases wellbeing and has been linked to lowering levels of aggression. Want to feel good? Help yourself to a dose or two of gratitude. Then write it down in your Gratitude Journal, of course. I use Day One.
  2. Meditate
    Meditation is good for both mental + physical health. And you don’t have to spend sixty or thirty or even ten minutes to reap the benefits. For short meditations and quick breaks, I use Calm.
  3. Do one thing that makes you happy
    When you’re happy you’re not angry and you probably don’t care about being a little absent minded (or possibly even working out). Heck, maybe the ‘one thing that makes you happy’ is working out. I use Lift.

And one more thing:

Do them every day.


You read that right. Every day.

But this isn’t just related to mindfulness. I believe doing these three things every day will help you show up more powerfully, more authentically in your life. Every.Day.

Many people wish they could just be more authentic, or don’t even have an understanding of what being authentic means to them. While its meaning and outcome may be unique to each individual, cultivating authenticity comes from a simple practice of repetition around these three things: creating awareness, engaging in mindfulness, and taking inspired action.

I know this because I’ve been living it for the last 100 days, and then some.

I invite you to join me and a few others in the Authentic Realities community in a little Mindfulness Challenge. It will help you create awareness (Gratitude journal), engage in mindfulness (Meditate), and take inspired action (Do one thing that makes me happy). Boom.

Here’s the challenge to you: Try the three habits above for two weeks. (I recommend creating a free account on Lift.) If they’re serving you well, keep them. If not, create a habit that does serve you well and has you showing up authentically in your life.

And keep me posted; I love learning about habits of authenticity.


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Kelly Gill October.9.2013 at 11.19 am

Awareness, Mindfulness, and Inspired Action. Three of my favorite topics.

Dian, thanks for the app recommendations. I downloaded Calm this morning. It’s amazing!

And for those of you reading this, all of the apps Dian suggested are so useful. I, too, give them two thumbs up for helping to keep you on track, learning and growing.

Dian Reid, CPCC October.9.2013 at 11.50 am

You’re welcome 🙂 Honestly, I prefer the non-guided meditations … the woman’s voice is a little much for me at times. But the content is pretty great for when I need something guided about being in a calm place.

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