Motivation Monday: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Get out of your comfort zone - Diana Nyad

Last week Diana Nyad accomplished something truly remarkable in her 110-mile swim from Havana, Cuba to Key West, Florida. She believed her dream was possible, never gave up on that dream, and then worked her ass off to make it happen. It’s that last part many of us lose focus on, with respect to our own dreams.

We can learn a lot about dreams, perseverance, and commitment from Diana Nyad.

From an NBC News article:

Most amazing to many, she succeeded in middle age
after failing several times.

She failed. A lot. But she kept at it, kept trying, kept working. She learned from every previous attempt and adapted her training to meet the known challenges of accomplishing her dream. How often can you say you do the same?

Oh, maybe you don’t have a dream quite as huge or harrowing as Diana’s Cuba-to-Florida swim and that’s fine. But you’ve got dreams. Big ones. Little ones. New ones and old ones.

Make a list of those dreams and get reacquainted with them. Today. Like right now. You’ve got time, I know you do.

And if you need more inspiration (and want to put your dream list off for another 20 minutes), go listen to Diana Nyad speak at TEDxBerlin: Dare to Dream. You’ll have successfully procrastinated on your dreams and honored them all at the same time. Maybe you’ll even be inspired like she was to go live your one wild and precious life.

After you write down your dream list, go about your Monday and think about a 64-year-old woman who kept her dream alive for 30 years because it was that important to her. Think about what’s on your dream list. Rather than getting caught up in feeling guilty about not having accomplished it already, get caught up in recommitting yourself to one of those dreams.

If that feels uncomfortable, well … it should. Remember?

You don’t get ahead in life unless you get out of your comfort zone.

Now seriously. Pull out a pen and paper and write down your dreams—big or small—while you watch Diana’s TEDxBerlin Talk:

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