Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! [Dian Reid]

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Today’s guest blogger isn’t a guest at all. She lives here, hidden in the shadows of yesteryear. She’s the me I used to be, and then all grown up into the me I am today.


i am

when i find myself in playful soul respite and relief, i write…

playfully, reality, rawly, really.
i write my truth.
i write my soul.
i allow my self to come out and play.
i cease from hiding and move into being.

i can relax and enjoy the writing without feeling like
i have to
need to
got to
get it

i can let the words roll off the tips of my fingers and live on the page just as they like.
just as they are.
just as i am.

i am free.
i am alive.
i am.


I wrote that poem several years ago as a part of Writing Camp with Julie Jordan Scott. As I look back on it now, the words seem so far away from where I am right now. At one point in my life, writing was everything. When I put the pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) it felt like the breath of life being inhaled and all its burdens released in the exhale. I suppose writing still feels like that every now and then, but the beauty of breath is that there are so many ways to experience it.

Like so:

I refuse to lie in my grave thinking of what might have been.

experience. yes, this is how i breathe. this is how i live.
i am free.
i am alive.
i am me.
always will be.

summer to summer, ’til death do us part.


thirty-eightI’m Dian and I authenticity in all its forms. I coach women around being awesomely authentic and using that awesomeness to create meaningful change. I run a monthly photo-a-day project just for kicks, which you’re welcome to join. I wrote a book about having the important conversations in life before it’s too late, which you’re welcome to read. I recorded a free 7-day meditation series on authenticity, which you’re welcome to listen to.

I love dogs, peanut butter + granny smith apples, running, and cheese (and some other stuff, but I know you’re busy so I’ll wrap this right up).

You can find me all over the darn place: 

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In the meantime, go be awesome. 


Part of the Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! series, now available as a free eBook!


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Kelly Gill August.5.2013 at 9.57 am

Today I woke up with an extra helping of Loving Life. Thank you so much for share your thoughts, photos, and important moments in your Life. God, I LOVE this!!!

Dian Reid, CPCC August.5.2013 at 3.25 pm

Thank you, and you’re welcome =) an extra helping of Loving Life is always nice!

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