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Sometimes random Twitter meetings are the best. That’s how I met today’s guest blogger, Erin Madore. I wrote a guest post for her site a few months back, but below isn’t a “return-the-favor” guest post. It’s one of those posts that hits you square in the neck reminding you that you’re human, there’s always more growing to do, and maybe it’s time to listen and give your body what she needs. Meet Erin Madore, everyone …


Moving for the Love of Moving

To say the last year has been a hard year physically for me is a huge understatement. Two rounds of IVF, an egg donation, grief and heartache have all left marks on my body, my soul – some more visible then others. IVF left me feeling bloated, heavy, exhausted and disconnected from my Self. The egg donation threw me out of balance and put me out of commission for at least half the year – unable to work out at all. And grief and heartache clouded my vision and dampened my spirit making every goal feel impossible.

For someone that had completed their first triathlon only a year earlier I felt lost without my training, my workouts, my movement. I felt like a great river was dividing each part of me and it took everything I had to hold myself together. Thankfully I knew there was an end in sight – and I had big plans for the next part of my journey. Plans including a half marathon and Tough Mudder. Plans that sounded good to my mind but were totally out of sync with the rest of my body.

Even though I was given the “green” light on all things physical this February, my body wasn’t on the same page. While my heart and soul wanted to pick up running and conditioning like nothing had happened, my body continually asked for rest, gentleness, softness, ease. My body knew that a lot had happened and that I wasn’t truly ready for hard training and big races.

So, I went to my mat and found solace and connection in yoga classes. Moving with my breath helped awaken each muscle, each molecule of my being. Respecting my body while encouraging it to slowly open up, helped me reclaim my inner strength and clarity. Nourishing myself through yoga and meditation provided me the foundation I needed to trust myself again. Slowly I began to let go of the heaviness, the exhaustion. Slowly my heart, and my body, began to mend itself.

It wasn’t until the bright sunshine of late spring that the roads called to me again, that my legs began to yearn for the pavement, for the mileage, for the freedom of running. Since then I’ve been running “nude” without my headphones, without my timer, without any goals. I’ve been embracing pure movement with each stride, and I’ve been feeling more and more like my old self with each passing mile.

Now when I step off my porch I listen to my body, see how far my legs and feet want to go, hear how hard I want to push myself, feel my spirit and let spontaneity and fun dictate direction. Rather than trying to control my body, my pace, my speed, I work with my body – letting it guide and teach me.

This summer I’ve vowed to workout because I want to, to run because I want to, to practice yoga because I want to.

The last year literally shook-up my mind, body, and soul, and I’ve been realizing that to put myself back together I need to listen to my innermost needs and desires and to honor those wishes. Training plans have nothing on the inner wisdom found within every cell of my being – I just have to be quiet enough to hear them.


Erin MadoreErin Madore, of Creative Soul in Motion, is a Life Coach, Writer and Reiki Guide dedicated to helping people that are stuck in life let go of the weights holding them down. Her compassionate yet straightforward approach supports and inspires clients as they reconnect with their inner clarity and confidence.


Part of the Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! series, now available as a free eBook!



Dian Reid, CPCC July.2.2013 at 11.57 am

“While my heart and soul wanted to pick up running and conditioning like nothing had happened, my body continually asked for rest, gentleness, softness, ease. My body knew that a lot had happened and that I wasn’t truly ready for hard training and big races.”

I so love this, Erin. I’m having to readjust my running and workout practices due to injuries, and taking a look at the root cause of it all. I believe that being more mindful about enjoying these practices will help me listen to my body (including listening before engaging in anything at all) and avoid some of the injuries I’ve put upon myself to date. There’s such power in conscious choice, isn’t there?!

SquarePegKaren July.6.2013 at 9.05 am

Oh Erin – the beauty of allowing ourselves to be “quiet enough to hear” that cell wisdom – so, so, so important, and so easy to skip around and not get to. Thank you for the reminder. My heart is wrapped around and in your post <3

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