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Today’s guest blog comes to you from my dear friend, Angie Hendrix. For as long as I’ve known her, she’s been a master at seeing people, connections, and events in her life as gifts from the Universe. I’ll cut right to the chase and let her tell you about some of those gifts…


Giving Birth to My Authentic Self

1383 days ago I met my wife, Jo.  We jokingly said, “let’s take this day by day” when we started dating.  I carry an index card in my pocket every day on which I write my daily intentions, so I started jotting down our number of days together.  I’m still counting and I never intend to stop.  Before I met Jo I had started self-awareness work.  Through the work, I had quickly realized how much of myself I was masking and I began working to allow “my own self to be true”. Jo sees my true self, the un-masked version of me.  She has since the very beginning.

I tell you that quick “soul mate synopsis” so I can jump forward to present day.  Sometime in the next 2 weeks, Jo will give birth to our first child.  I’m currently 42 years old, and I honestly did not think I’d ever be a parent, but when I met Jo I knew she was meant to be a Mom.  Early in our relationship we spoke about having children & it was clear it was something we’d do together, although we didn’t go about pregnancy in the typical manner.  Jo is carrying our baby.  She’s the birth Mom & I’m the biological Mom.  We used my egg, and with the help of an anonymous donor we became pregnant on our first attempt through IVF.  Through every step of the pregnancy process we said out loud what we wanted.  We believe we can manifest what we want.  So far the Universe has 100% delivered.

I’ll admit I had no idea what to expect during the journey of pregnancy.  I started reading everything I could. I was amazed. I thought I knew the capabilities of the human body.  Wow, I found I had much to learn! I went into the whole thing thinking I would learn about what happens when you have a baby & how to become a good parent.  Instead I have learned more about myself, more about our relationship together, and more about the Universe’s ability to deliver on our desires.

As we near our due date, I look back over the past 9 months, which were full of ups & downs.  Both of us lost our jobs in a 4 months span.  Jo, three weeks before our IVF transfer (perfect because it allowed her to take full advantage of her required 5 days of bed rest…stress-free).  I was terminated without warning after 14 years with the same company. I remember thinking to myself, “how can all of this be happening”?  Yet, it was clear our baby had other plans for us. In the days that followed we realized we had choices – throw a pity party, or embrace all the amazing shifting that was occurring and open ourselves to what lie ahead.  We chose the latter.  Now every day is a new adventure.  I’m giving birth…to my inner voice.  The stronger the voice gets the more strength I realize I have, and the more blessings flow into our lives.  Thank you Baby!   I can’t wait to see where you take us next!

UPDATE: On 8/4/13 at 5:19 a.m., Angie & her wife Jo welcomed their baby girl, Justice Hope Hendrix, into the world. Weighing in at 7.0 lbs & was 20.25 inches long, Justice was born at home, without the use of any drugs, with the assistance of a certified midwife. Angie, Jo, and Justice are settling in to life together wonderfully & are completely in love!


Angie HendrixCurrently an Account Executive for a financial services company, Angie Hendrix has a background in public speaking, training, event planning, and education. Driven by authenticity, honesty, & a desire to help others, Angie is a natural connector and community leader. Angie is passionate about equality for all, volunteering for PFLAG & directing their Speakers Bureau. She enjoys yoga, hiking, and the diversity of Southern CA, & maintains a love of athletics & competition.  Angie resides in Long Beach, CA with her wife, Jo, their 2 pups, Izzy & Emma, and their beautiful daughter, Justice Hope (arriving soon!). 

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