July ARphotoaday

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Every month these prompts get more and more difficult to come up with. Without repeating anything but “me” and “reflection (“me” is the first prompt of every month, and “reflection” is the last prompt of every month with 31 days in it), I try to keep them simple and as open to interpretation as possible.

To join, simply take a photo based on the prompt for whatever day you’re taking the photo, then post to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag “#arphotoaday“. To keep the prompts handy, you may want to right click on the photo and save it, or save it to your mobile device. I keep it on my lock screen so I’m reminded to take a photo every day.

You’re welcome to challenge yourself to taking a photo every day, but it’s absolutely fine to skip days and/or catch up on days after the fact. This is simply a project for fun, and there really are no hard-fast rules.


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