180 Days of ARphotoaday

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My little photo/authenticity/creative experiment that is #ARphotoaday is pretty damn fun! I’m enjoying the challenge of taking a photo every day in 2013, the challenge of coming up with new and unrepeated prompts every month, and even more so that others are joining in and sharing their own #ARphotoadays.

As I write this, the number of photos tagged with #ARphotoaday on Instagram has reached nearly 500. Holy wow.

Some have shared photos on a consistent basis while others post every now and then. No matter how frequent the sharing, I love seeing and interacting with posts from others and the various interpretations of the daily prompts—we’re so damn creative!


To celebrate the  halfway-point of the project, below are a few of my favorites, one from each month to date. Enjoy!

January 6: Comfort

Comfort. By megeliz6 By megeliz6

The purity of the moment Megan captured here deeply touches my soul—and my OMG-that’s-so-adorable spot.

February 14: Unchanged
{the landscape may change but my awe of it does not}

Unchanged. By rhetoricjunkie By rhetoricjunkie

I love Devon’s interpretation of “unchanged” here, and that her awe refuses to go away. Awe certainly has a mind of its own, no?

March 27: Neither/nor
{neither disability nor wheelchair will keep Angela Madsen from dancing (or rowing or surfing, for that matter)}

Neither/nor. By dianreid

Angela Madsen is one hell of an inspiring woman, which I tried to capture in this photo of her here.

April 12: K
{Kickin’ it}

K. By ejancic24 By ejancic24

Choosing your own prompt based on a single letter isn’t as easy as it sounds. This image makes me feel like I’m right there at the table.

May 4: Dim
{The wintery weather today made me think of these trees … dimly lit}

Dim. By jenngerman47 By jenngerman47

The beautifully grainy sky and dimly lit trees make me long for cool nights on the porch, where good friends would sip from bottomless cups and talk into the wee hours of the morning.

June 11: Soft
{Underside of Harp’s neck}

Dim. By bijumujib27 By bijumujib27

Who doesn’t want to nuzzle right into this neck and cuddle all night?! Of course, it’s July now and might be a bit warm…

But enough about my favorites … get in the comments and tell me yours!

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kellyg1137 July.2.2013 at 10.01 am

This looks like it’s a total blast! Plus an excellent opportunity for experiencing some gratitude.

Dian Reid, CPCC July.2.2013 at 10.37 am

I agree on both counts, Kelly =)

The prompts are such a great way to help with awareness and mindfulness about gratitude. I find that looking back over my image choices has me noticing things about myself … whether it’s “Oh, I loved taking that photo or being in that place,” or “Wow, I really half-assed that prompt…” It’s a great way to reflect on whatever it is we like to reflect on in our lives, and do so in a fun and engaging way, IMHO ;o)

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