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July 2013

Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! [Lindsey Mead]

And what a joy those four days are. At Legoland we are happy, we laugh, we shout as the roller coaster plunges down, we have ice cream after dinner, we dive headlong into the pool over and over again, we collapse into bed exhausted, full of joy and sunshine and sugar. The trip to California is the distillation of summer. Grace and Whit’s excitement at being there is contagious, and with them I’m able to sink fully into summer.

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Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! [Angie Hendrix]

Today’s guest blog comes to you from my dear friend, Angie Hendrix. For as long as I’ve known her, she’s been a master at seeing people, connections, and events in her life as gifts from the Universe. I’ll cut right to the chase and let her tell you about some of those gifts… :: Giving […]

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Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! [Alana Sheeren]

Two of the reasons I absolutely adore today’s guest blogger are her fierce courage in being vulnerable and authentic, and her ability to share those strengths so openly and gracefully with the world. Alana’s words often resonate with me, even when the experience is beyond my realm of reality. I hope you’ll be as moved […]

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Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive [Karen Pery]

I love summer the way I love Paris. I’m romantic about it, get lost in it, fantasize about it, and, if given the opportunity, would spend my entire life here. I talk about summer as if it were the only season of worth or import. “Spring? Sure, it’s nice. Love the green. But summer…isn’t summer the best?!”

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July ARphotoaday

Every month these prompts get more and more difficult to come up with. Without repeating anything but “me” and “reflection (“me” is the first prompt of every month, and “reflection” is the last prompt of every month with 31 days in it), I try to keep them simple and as open to interpretation as possible. […]

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180 Days of ARphotoaday

My little photo/authenticity/creative experiment that is #ARphotoaday is pretty damn fun! I’m enjoying the challenge of taking a photo every day in 2013, the challenge of coming up with new and unrepeated prompts every month, and even more so that others are joining in and sharing their own #ARphotoadays. As I write this, the number of […]

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