Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! [Karen Caterson – AKA SquarePegKaren]

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In 2009 I decided to join the ranks of the blogosphere and ended up participating in an end-of-year blog series, Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. That’s where I met today’s guest blogger, Karen Caterson, or most famously known as Square-Peg Karen.  She’s a true advocate and encourager of authenticity in all shapes, sizes, and packages—especially the square-peg shapes that don’t aspire to ever fit themselves into the round-hole shapes of the world.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for you to watch this short and sweet and awesome video from the one and only Square Peg Karen. In the name of authenticity, you’ll get a few colorful words (some of which may be NSFW), most of which are fun and all of which are alive … enjoy!



I asked SPK for a short little snippet about herself and this here is what I got:

spkI gag at 3rd person stuff, so it’s (obviously) written in 1st:

Hi, I’m Karen Caterson, aka Square-Peg Karen – I’m the Chief Encourager and Square-Peg Advocate at Square-Peg People (, where I write about celebrating your uniqueness and focusing on what’s right with you (not what’s wrong with you!). Come on over and let’s get acquainted.
Isn’t she a hoot? Well, get on over there and introduce yourself, you won’t be sorry!

Part of the Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! series, now available as a free eBook!


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Summer of Authenticity: Wrap Up — Authentic Realities
August.30.2013 at 12.14 pm


kellyg1137 June.10.2013 at 7.51 am

I love a woman that can appreciate a little colorful language, because sometimes you just have to say “shit!”, or whatever your word of choice is.

Regarding the reciprocity of authenticity… Karen is so right! I’ve found that if I extend myself in an authentic way to others it’s easier for them to extend themselves authentically as well, and together we do create a greater closeness. In the past, the hardest part for me in initiating this authenticity has been facing the fear of being vulnerable, of allowing myself to be seen as a whole person with strengths *and* fears. And like Karen, I’ve found that when I put forth my authentic self I do draw people to me that seek to live authentically too. It really is amazing what and who I receive in my life simply by being Me.

To Dian and Karen, thank you so much for starting my Monday off with some joy and a bit of lightheartedness.

whollyjeanne June.11.2013 at 6.49 am

Well, shit – we met some really good people back in 12/09, didn’t we? Karen, Sugar, one of the things I have loved about you from the very beginning is your sense of humor and your willingness – nay, your determination – to see people as individuals . . . your willing determination (how’s that?) to not only see them as individuals, but to encourage individuality over cookie cutter existences. That way of being and encouraging and accepting is what creates the circle which makes for a spot big enough for us to all tuck in and revel in the gloriousness of life in all its different shades. And to my way of thinking, that’s a damnshit fine way to go through the world.

Dian Reid, CPCC June.11.2013 at 3.30 pm

I’ve found my quote of the year, and it’s only June: “that’s a damnshit fine way to go through the world.” Why, yes, Jeanne … yes it is. Big gobsmacking love to you!

Dian Reid, CPCC June.11.2013 at 4.36 pm

Always a pleasure to share space with you, m’dear =D

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