Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive!

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Ah, summer. It’s so close I can almost feel it on the tip of my fingers, taste it on the tip of my tongue. Summer is my favorite time of year because it’s the time of year that makes me long for being a kid again—okay, okay, and also because it signals my birthday has arrived!

When I was a kid, I longed for that time when school was over, the sun was out, and there was nothing keeping me from having three months of fun—whether it happened or not was irrelevant, the possibilities were endless! I don’t know many adults who have that luxury these days, but it doesn’t mean we don’t still want those summers of fun.

With that in mind I asked some of my favorite people and bloggers to toss around the idea of being authentic and fully alive in the summertime. I’m SUPER excited at the response from these amazing people, and I can’t wait to share their awesomesauce with you.

Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive! A collection of stories by authentic women, sharing wisdom, wit, and what it's like to move through life authentically.

Every Monday in June, July, and August will feature a new awesome guest blogger and their personal sharing of authenticity, summer, and being fully alive. I hope you’re ready for some inspiration and fun, and to get to know some amazing people that I absolutely adore!

I have no idea what these lovely posts will look like, only that you don’t want to miss them. So you don’t miss a single bit of summer fun, make sure you sign up for email updates here. And for good measure, sign up for the monthly Authenticity Update here so you can be the first to know about sweet stuff like this!

Love & Light, everyone!


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