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May 2013

June ARphotoaday

Spring is in full bloom and summer is just about upon us! While April showers brought us May flowers, what we often get next is a bout of June gloom. This month’s ARphotoaday invites you to not let the gloom get you down, and enjoy life—even if it ends up being from the inside of […]

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Meditation is Kind of Like Six-Pack Abs

I sat on the beach and contemplated what meditation means to me. It’s silence. It’s release. It’s listening. It’s thinking. It’s being. The silence of meditation is like no other. It’s not actually silence. It’s stillness. It’s the open identity of what’s present when I’m not moving, not speaking, not focused on the goings on […]

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Stages of Grief and Coming Out

“In a perfect world, I don’t think [one’s sexual orientation] is anyone else’s business, but I do think there is value in standing up and being counted.”

~ Anderson Cooper

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Summer of Authenticity: Fully Alive!

Ah, summer. It’s so close I can almost feel it on the tip of my fingers, taste it on the tip of my tongue. Summer is my favorite time of year because it’s the time of year that makes me long for being a kid again—okay, okay, and also because it signals my birthday has […]

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Dear Mom

It’s been nearly twenty two years since I last saw your face, heard your voice, felt your arms around me in a warm embrace. So much has happened since then, but we don’t need to go through all that again. Today I want to show you how you’re still here. I have this laugh that […]

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Seven Days on Second Chances

Last week I had the wonderful experience of being interviewed by Midge Noble of Second Chances. She hosts a radio show that focuses on challenging her listeners to be authentic and think outside the box, as well as improving minds, bodies, and spirits through inspiring conversations. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to share […]

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