Finding Your Authentic Voice

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I was asked to write a guest blog by Erin Madore over at Creative Soul in Motion and my reaction was, Hell Yeah! Of course! I mean, my entire livelihood is centered around helping people find their authentic voice(s), so I thought, “Yeah! It’s gonna be a snap to pull this post together!

Then I started writing.

All I had to do was to write down how to find your authentic voice. Easy peasy. I got this. Yeah, let’s do this. Authentic voice … voice authentic … authenticity … it all comes from … shit. Where does it come from again?

Of course I can’t tell you how to find your authentic voice. I can only tell you how to find mine. Because you know, we’re different people, you and I.


I went to my social sphere and asked how and when you found your authentic voice. What came back to me was both surprising and reassuring.

One: we all have a different authentic voice. Sometimes that voice even changes.

Two: we all took our own sweet time in finding our authentic voice.

Three: we all took even longer to actually use that authentic voice that took us so long to find.

Four: we are all still continuing to find ways to connect with our authentic voice and use it.

Those are the four universal truths I came across when sifting through the responses I got from people who had connected with their authentic voice. Their stories were all different on how they connected, but in every story, that connection took time. It takes time to build a relationship, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with our authentic voice.

If you lose touch with your sister and then reconnect with her ten years later, you don’t necessarily pick up exactly where you left off. You might, but at the very least, you’ve got some catching up to do. There might be trust lost. There might be anger, hurt, confusion. There might be love and longing. There will definitely be gap-bridging, whether Grand Canyon or tiny tributary sized. Either way, you start with a conversation and build the relationship from there.

Why should it be any different with your authentic voice?

She’s a part of you. She is you, in fact. She’s the deepest part of you that guides you on your path, and she’s on your side.

She does not judge you. If you hear judgment when you’re conversing with your authentic voice, rest assured that’s fear piping in. And you know where to tell fear to go.

Me, I connect with my authentic voice when I journal. I connect with my fear there, as well, but it’s a lot easier to recognize fear when she’s on the page in front of me than swimming around in my head disguised as authenticity.

You, you connect with your authentic voice  when you _________.



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