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April 2013

Coming Out Is Still A Process, Even For NBA Players

NBA player Jason Collins came out publicly in an essay published in Sports Illustrated on Monday. What’s been great to hear are the loud applause of support and respect. The tide is turning, slowly as it may be, but it is becoming increasingly politically incorrect to publicly denounce someone for being gay. Of course there […]

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You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Dove has this amazing campaign to get us talking about beauty. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. Even if you have, watch it again. I wish every woman could be a part of this project. It seems that we see ourselves as our physical beings and what’s being described by others is part physical, […]

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Self Publishing Free Call

… a free call on self-publishing to shed light on the alternative (and faster but not necessarily better) way of getting published. Dian shares her journey in publishing and takes you through the process step by step.

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If you’d like to participate in sending healing energy to those affected by the explosions at the Boston Marathon today [April 15, 2013], join me in meditation. Every day this week I’ll be starting this five-minute meditation at 11:45AM to send healing energy across the country to those in need. Feel free to use my meditation (downloadable from SoundCloud), use your own, or just sit in silence.

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Finding Your Authentic Voice

I was asked to write a guest blog by Erin Madore over at Creative Soul in Motion and my reaction was, Hell Yeah! Of course! I mean, my entire livelihood is centered around helping people find their authentic voice(s), so I thought, “Yeah! It’s gonna be a snap to pull this post together!” Then I started […]

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Authentic Voice: Lost and Found

I wrote a guest blog for Erin over at Creative Soul in Motion on finding my authentic voice. It goes a little something like this:  In 2013 I listen to my authentic voice on a daily basis. We converse, we laugh, we cry, we play—we even disagree every now and then. We have a relationship […]

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