Seven Days, Three Hours, and A Hell of A Lot of Gratitude

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Seven Days CoverYesterday was the book launch party and signing for Seven Days, and it was fantastic. I had an amazing time talking to people, signing books for them, and simply being the focus of so many congratulations and well wishes.

There was this little part of me that was uncomfortable with all the compliments and congrats and praise for the accomplishment of not just writing a book, but publishing it, as well. That uncomfortable part wanted to remind me that I “only” self-published, and it’s not like I’ve made it big yet.

I quickly gave Only hug (I call her “Only” because that’s how she tries to make me smaller), told her that this was my big day, and if she didn’t shut the fuck up, I’d have to put her in the freezer with a bottle of whiskey for the remainder of the event to celebrate St. Patty’s Day by herself. She settled right down and I got to really celebrate the momentous occasion of being a published author—self, or otherwise. Less than 1% of the population has published a book, and I’m immensely proud to be a part of that <1%. Suck it, Only.

So many times in the name of being humble, we choose to not celebrate ourselves and/or our accomplishments, and we miss out on experiences we’ve worked so hard for. Three words for you: don’t do that. Put your own “Only” in the freezer with a bottle of whiskey (or a bag of bricks, whatever), and celebrate your damn self!

As for my own celebration, it was wonderful to see so many people from my past, present, and future, all there to support me on this journey of growth, giving, and gratitude. Funny thing is, I thought the journey was over once the book had been written, edited, published, and printed. I can’t tell yet whether this is just another chapter of the journey, or if I’m embarking on a completely new journey; only time will tell.

A friend of mine caught most of my speech on video, which I’ll share with you below. I talk a little bit about why I wrote the book and why it’s not a How-To on moving through difficult times. Here’s the transcript, sans a few “ands” and “ums”:

[cut-off intro] … So to talk a little bit about the book, the book is Seven Days, and it’s about the last seven days of my dad’s life. It’s not really a downer, it’s more of, kind of an uplifting of what it was for me to go through that process and come out on the other side with a little peace in my heart and moving forward as a whole person. I didn’t want to write it in a “How-To” format, “Here’s what you should do when you’re going through something similar…” I wanted it to be, “Here’s my process, and I hope that there’s something in it you relate to.” So that’s kind of the process in which I wrote the book. I really wanted to just share my story. I felt compelled to, to just share these things that we don’t often talk about: life, and death, and sexuality, and just the difficult conversations that we tend to put off because there’s always a better time. I just want to encourage everyone to have those difficult conversations because sometimes there’s never going to be a better time. Just talk; that’s what relationships are all about: actually having them and being a part of them.

And here’s the video, if you’ve got about 105 seconds…be patient with the sound and video quality, turn it up a little, and enjoy:

[Click here if you don’t see the embedded video above]

Want to buy the book to read for yourself? It’s available in all these lovely places. Already read the book? Share your experience and give it a review on Amazon.

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