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I had this whole plan of easing into meditation (one minute, then two, then three), and then Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge began and I decided to take on 15 minutes per day instead. I break my own rules all the time, sometimes to my own detriment. This time, though, it seems to be working out.

Don’t you just love it when that happens?!

Each day there are mantras. Mantras like “I commit to living perfect health,” and “I trust the wisdom of my body.” Sometimes it feels right to say, and other times I feel like I’m lying to myself. I’d love to commit to living perfect health, but I know that right now, all I can commit to is meditating every day until the end of March. Trusting the wisdom of my body? That one, I can do.

Our bodies are amazing specimens. I really buy into the idea of treating your body just as you want to be treated by it. Feed it a bunch of crap, it’s going to give you a bunch of crap. That whole you are what you eat cliché (annoying as it is), really has something to it.

The ideas bolded below are from Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge, mentioned above:

Balance is my true nature.

I’d really like to be on board with this one, but it really depends on what day it is.

My mind and body are in perfect sync.

This feels like a lie.

I trust the wisdom of my body.

I feel in sync with this one.

I flow in rhythm with my mind and body.

I do my damnedest.

I am perfection. I am healthy. I am strong.



The thing about about meditation is that it’s a very personal experience. Kind of like how I imagine two people to have different relationships with God even when they both go to the same church. No two people are exactly alike in their thoughts, behaviors, or conversations. Of course the relationships will be different.

I struggle to be consistent in my relationship with my body, with meditation. I struggle to have faith. I struggle to find balance, to flow in rhythm, to think of myself as perfection, as healthy, as strong. Especially when my external life experiences (read: feet) point to the opposite.

I struggle with remembering how powerful the mind is, and that when I get into the space of feeling like I’m perfection, of feeling like I’m healthy, of feeling like I’m strong, even if it’s for a millisecond that’s focused one single area of my body that’s ailing (currently my lungs due to this chest cold I’m releasing from my body), that it’s a millisecond that I’m in control of.

If I sit on my ass and do nothing, I feel like I’m the living Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity. But if I can be in control of my mind and my body and my cells for just one second, then I have a shot at being in control for another and another and another. And this is exactly the kind of control I want over my life. My mind. My body. My soul.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

~ Oscar Wilde

I’ve heard that quote a thousand times, blech. And yet …

In this moment, I can relate.


In this moment, perfection lies in honoring who I am right now, and not trying to fit into someone else’s mold.

In this moment, healthy lies in the way I see myself, the way I feed myself, the way I carry myself in the world.

In this moment, strong is simply what I am, what I’ve always been, not matter what has gone on around me.


In this moment, I am enough. In this moment, I always have been. In this moment, I always will be.

This is what meditation is teaching me right now.

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