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Happy Friday, everyone! It’s not often that I post twice in a day (have I ever?!) But I wanted to send you a quick note to acknowledge that you may have received a couple of confusing updates if you subscribe via email or RSS, and I apologize. I inadvertently posted a couple of pages as blog posts, and want to assure you that I have neither randomly purchased anything for you, nor is my book out of stock—in fact, quite the contrary is true!

After six long years of writing, editing, rewriting, and polishing, my baby is finally going to see the light of day, and hopefully find itself in your hands (you know, by your own clickety-clicking). My book, Seven Days: Authentic Conversations and Relationships That Changed My Life and My Father’s Death, is finally available!

A couple of weeks ago I gave a sneak peek at the preface of the book, and I’d like to share the complete preface with you now. It’s really the essence of the book, and I think you’ll get a good idea of whether or not it’s a book you want to read by the end of the preface.

This book is a culmination of countless hours of writing, editing, cursing, crying, and faith. I simply cannot express how grateful I am to have your support in sharing my story; I hope you’ll read it, share it, and create conversations around any sparks my experience might bring up for you.

If you’re in Southern California and would like a signed copy of the book, stay tuned (or sign up to receive updates about the book to your inbox) to find out details for the launch party and first book signing. If you’re outside SoCal (or don’t think you’ll make it to a book signing) and want to purchase a copy of the book, clickety-click right here!

Thanks for your patience, and again I apologize for the wonky blog updates via email and RSS feed! Cheers.

To download and read later as a PDF, right click here and click something like “save file as” (wording will vary, depending on which browser you’re using). If you have any trouble, contact me here and I’ll try to resolve the issue.


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