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February 2013

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger

Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place. ~ Zora Neale Hurston Some days, even in love, my soul wanted to stay in its hiding place. Before the ambulance took my father away, he asked me for a favor. He wouldn’t look me in the eye as he asked me to pick up […]

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Use Listening As A Conversation Tool

I recently read a piece by Alise Wright titled Shut Your Mouth, where she talks about using listening as a conversation tool. You know, versus just waiting for someone to finish talking so you can get your two cents in. It’s such a common practice in our “conversation” today, to begin to formulate our answer to […]

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Seven Days: Behind the Writing

The reality of my experience was that I needed more time for it to be complete. The things I had to say needed time to articulate themselves. The experience I had to share was still unfolding. And the lessons I had to teach, well, I still had some learning to do, myself.

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Let (Self) Love Be In The Air

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” ~ C.G. Jung On this Valentine’s Day I wish you acceptance with no conditions and love with no boundaries; I wish the source of this acceptance and love to be inside your own heart.

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Exciting News – Seven Days is HERE!

After six long years of writing, editing, rewriting, and polishing, my baby is finally going to see the light of day, and hopefully find itself in your hands. My book, Seven Days: Authentic Conversations and Relationships That Changed My Life and My Father’s Death, is finally available!

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You Are Amazing

Last week Jeanne AKA @whollyjeanne tweeted something that’s been rumbling around in my head ever since: Write it down: you are amazing just the way you are. — wholly jeanne (@whollyjeanne) January 26, 2013 I loved it so much, I made her a little graphic for it and posted it all over Facebook. And then […]

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