#ARphotoaday Roundup

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The first four days of #arphotoaday have been fun – 4 days, 29 photos and counting. Every once in a while I’ll pick a few of my faves and share them here. I hope to see yours here soon!

Thanks to everyone who’s participating, whether it’s daily or only when it strikes your fancy, and whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else you’re sharing your goods.

The Goods: Week 1

1: Me

Me. By megeliz6 By megeliz6

I love this photo for the playfulness and inclusion of life going on around her.

2: Celebration

Celebration. By mosolo By mosolo

A celebration of color is a celebration of life, in my humble opinion, and Morgan captures this beautifully.

3: List

List. By dfralston By dfralston

Devon’s list caught my eye for her intentions in creating life. “Listen … Be kind … Be grateful every day.” Here, here.

4: Hero

Hero. By jeanettes1 By jeanettes1

This amazing woman is Lucy Stone. She is a true hero for all women, and I’m grateful to Jeanette for the reminder.

Want to join in on the fun? Here are the details.

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Meg January.5.2013 at 1.55 pm

Awesome Dian. Great fun to read your comments in ev ones photos

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